Email Marketing

Rack Lodge offers the largest email platform in Latin America. Stay in contact with clients, providers and personnel utilizing the most rapid and effective method at a lower cost than traditional methods.



USD $20 + IVA

(1,000 Email Messages)


E Blast

Web to Email

A Web application that clients have exclusive access to, via their own username and password, to send e-mails in the most efficient, private and secure way.

Email Blast Campaigns

Web Service

Integrate our API into your existing platforms (CRMs, ERPs, Ticketing and Monitoring Systems, etc.) and watch your business grow with the ability to send emails directly from these applications.

We provide robust, scalable and secure API’s that have been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and secure solution for your e-mail needs. Join thousands of customers using software powered by Rack Lodge API’s.

HTML / EBlast

Go beyond email marketing with true marketing automation
Send exactly what your contacts want to see

Fast delivery

Our infastructure allows emails to
be sent in record time

Easy scalability

The client can choose the plan
that best suits their needs

API Integration

Our platform also allows different levels
of integration with other platforms